The Story

The creation myth of Hyrule has been passed down through the ages by the wise sages of the land. It tells of the time before time, or at least before beings existed that could reckon time, or care about its passage. The land of Hyrule was born when the three creator goddesses, Din, Nayru and Farore, descended from the heavens and brought order to a swirling mass of cosmic dust. They populated their new creation with five different humanoid races. They spawned the fish-like Zora in the watery regions of the world. In the rocky mountains, the rock-eating Gorons flourished. In the depths of the forest, the elfin Kokiri sprung up, along with their guardian, the Deku Tree, who sheltered them from outside forces. The swarthy Gerudo inhabited Hyrule's deserts, and in the verdant plains, the noble Hylians held sway.

Before leaving their new world, the three goddesses imparted on the newborn races sacred codes of law and order. When they departed Hyrule for the heavens, they left behind a symbol of their power, the legendary Triforce. Representing the three aspects of the goddesses, Power, Courage and Wisdom, the Triforce became the basis for Hyrule's providence, and it was revered by all the different races of the land. Affected by the Triforce's magic, the land near its resting place became prosperous and beautiful. This legendary, otherworldly realm was known by many names, including the Sacred Realm and later, the Golden Land.

Although most of the inhabitants of Hyrule respected the Triforce, there were those audacious enough to plot to steal the relic and use its power for their own selfish ends. To protect the Triforce from falling into the wrong hands, a great Sage named Rauru planned and built the Temple of Light to guard the entrance to the Sacred Realm. Within the temple, the entry way to the Sacred Realm was barred by a complex magical seal that could only be opened by one worthy of audience with the Triforce; one who had all aspects of the Triforce in perfect balance.

As time passed, the Triforce became a legend, and the different people of Hyrule forgot the laws and wisdom that the goddesses had left behind. Warfare and strife became common in Hyrule, as the armies of the Zora marched on the Hylians. The Gorons fought the Gerudo. It seemed every race of Hyrule was at the other's throat. Only the secluded Kokiri, sheltered by their magical forest and the Great Deku Tree, were spared the destruction of Hyrule's civil wars.

After 50 years of ceaseless combat, there arose a Hylian King of great wisdom, courage and power. Through his brilliant military campaigns and wise diplomacy, he was able to bring the varied people of Hyrule into a tenuous harmony. Treaties of peace were signed, and prosperity once again seemed to bloom in Hyrule. But no sooner had people declared peace in Hyrule than trouble once again stalked the land.

In the trackless desert of Hyrule, the King of the Gerudo Thieves, Ganondorf, had come across the old legends of the Triforce during his magical research. The tales told of the great power that would come to the one who possessed the sacred relic:

In a Realm beyond sight, The sky shines gold not blue, There, the Triforce's might Makes mortal dreams come true.

Another little known legend was especially intriguing to the scheming Gerudo. It provided the details on how to gain entry to the Sacred Realm. According to the story, there were three Spiritual Stones that were part of the puzzle that unlocked the Sacred Realm. He read with great interest that the Spiritual Stones were held by the Kokiri, the Gorons and the Zora. But although these were essential for opening the gate to the Sacred Realm, one item above all was necessary, and that was the legendary Ocarina of Time. According to this legend, that magical instrument was passed down by the Royal Family of Hyrule. Armed with this treasure map, Ganondorf set his plans into motion.

With his evil minions, he rode forth from the desert, intent on using his own mystical powers and force of arms to steal the Spiritual Stones from their owners. He believed it would be easy to bully the Gorons and Zora into handing over the stones, weakened as they were by Hyrule's civil wars. He thought he could easily destroy the Kokiri's guardian tree and claim their stone.

With the stones finally in hand, he would then use trickery to obtain the final key to the Sacred Realm. His coming audience with the King of Hyrule would be the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the mighty Hyrule Castle. Once inside, he would find out which member of the Royal Family had the ocarina. He vowed that he would do anything to get the ocarina, slay its holder if necessary, even if the holder was the King of Hyrule's young daughter, the princess Zelda...